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How You Can Help

You can help us by writing to your local congressmen and senator using the sample letter below



Dear Representative/Senator:

We gratefully learned that Representative W. O. Lipinski and more than 70 others has co-signed H. CON. RES. 126, which calls on the Government of Japan to formerly issue an apology for the war crimes committed by the Japanese military during World War II; and pay reparations to the victims of those crimes.

During the war the Japanese slogan was "Sanko Seiseku," - Kill All, Burn All and Loot All. Atrocious mass murders occurred throughout China, Philippine and all southeastern Asia. Allied prisoners of war held by the Japanese were more than 320,000, and their death rate was 27%, as compared to 4% of those held by the Germans in Europe. In the Bataan Death March, 10,000 out of a total of 80,000 died. These deaths resulted from 105 degree heat, the prisoners' lack of water and food, and the torture inflicted upon them. They were slain.

In China alone the total death toll during World War II was over 35 million. Of this number, from 6 to 15 millions died by mass murdered in captive and under forced labor, and others were subjected to germ poisoning and flooding the river by bombing the dikes. The Japanese used germ warfare 1,131 times and let loose infected rats from experiment labs. The labs for the such warfare studies injected germs into and dissected living POWs, bringing about 3,000 deaths, of which American deaths numbered in the hundreds.

In addition to the aforementioned atrocities, more than 200,000 Korean, Chinese and Philippine women were forced into sexual slavery and mass rape. Many were disemboweled after raping.

To prevent the Japanese National Militarism—Neo-Fascism-- rising in power again, we demand Japan apologize for its war crimes and make reparations for the victims. We further demand that Japan correct its misrepresentation of World War II history in school textbooks.

Your support of the said Resolution and its eventual passage will be greatly appreciated.

Respectfully yours,