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Free Wen Ho Lee

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Wen Ho Lee, right, is led by an FBI agent after being arrested at his home in White Rock, N.M., Dec.10th

In march of 1999 Dr. Wen Ho Lee, a scientist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, came into the national spotlight as a result of media reports alleging widespread theft of sensitive U.S. nuclear weapons secrets and Cox reports, a controversial Congressional report which heavily criticized security at some of the country's leading weapons and research laboratories and alleged widespread espionage activities by the People's Republic of China......... Inspite of the lack of evidence against him, Dr. Wen Ho Lee was arrested on December 10, 1999 from his home in New Mexico. Details available at

You can help by writing to your Senators and Congressman.

International Citizens' Forum on War Crimes & Redress

Seeking Reconciliation & Peace for the 21st Century Tokyo, Dec.10th-12th 1999

Right wingers demonstrating  in front of the conference venue of ICF Right wingers demonstrating  in front of the conference venue of ICF

above pictures: right-wing  protesters at the 1999 ICF conference in Japan. 

ICF is organized by Japanese citizens groups of scholars, attorneys and human rights activists who have been working on the redress issue of victims of Japanese atrocities committed before and during WW II.

International Citizens' Forum on War Crimes & Redress marks the 62nd anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre during which the Japanese Imperial Army butchered 340,000 unarmed Chinese civilians and raped an estimated 80,000.

Remember Nanjing: December 1937 --Feburary 1938

These are just some of the photos of Nanjing Massacre victims.  Men, women, children, were killed with bayonets, swords, bamboo sticks... their bodies sexually mutilated. They were murdered by the Japanese Monsters of Frankeinstein (japmof), in the beautiful ancient city of Nanjing, China. In that winter, at Nanjing, Japanese army massacred over 300,000 civilians and POWs, raped at least 20,000 women. Click on the pictures to see more or pick a language to learn more about the Sino-Japanese War.

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The Rape of Nanking - By: Iris Chang

This is Iris Chang's book on the Nanjing Massacre which occured during the occuption of Nanjing during WWII by the Japanese. More than 300,000 Chinese were killed and 20,000 women more about Iris Chang



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